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  • How to get a PESEL number?

    The Pesel number is useful in many situations: official matters; when taking a job for a contract with an employer; when buying a monthly ticket for public transport, and most importantly for medical care.
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How to get a PESEL?

Fill out the online form

Print out and sign legibly

File with your city or municipal office

Get your PESEL number

What should I have to submit my PESEL application?

  • Your current photograph. Remember, it should be a photo like the one for your ID card.
  • Your documents with a photo. The officer will use the documents to confirm your identity. If you do not have them, your identity will be confirmed on the basis of your statement.

What else do you need to know?

  • Fingerprinting applies to adults, children 13 and older if fingerprinting is physically possible.

Frequently asked questions


What is PESEL?


The PESEL number allows for easy identification of the person who has it. The PESEL number includes the date of birth, serial number, gender designation and a control number.

The PESEL number is not mandatory for foreigners arriving in Poland, but having one is necessary to access medical care and communicate in official and formal matters.

The Pesel number may be submitted by any person arriving in Poland as of February 24, 2022 directly from Ukraine due to the war effort.

The document with the PESEL number does not need to be laminated - it is important that you know the number and provide it in a specific situation that requires it.


Is it possible to leave Poland after obtaining PESEL?


Yes. Receiving a PESEL number does not obligate you to stay in Poland.


Where to apply for PESEL?


The printed and signed application for PESEL may be submitted to any city or municipal office. Depending on the location and capabilities of the office, the PESEL number may be issued immediately or within a time period specified by the office.


Why is it worth setting up a Trusted Profile?


The trusted profile helps you get a lot of government business done online. It confirms your identity on the Internet and allows you to put your signature online on the application you submit. On the portal we also use the trusted profile.

To obtain a trusted profile, you must have:

  • an e-mail address that only you have access to,
  • own cell phone with number from Polish operator.

Download the paper printout

If you do not want to fill out the form online you can download the attached application and fill it out traditionally.

Remember about the signature! It should fit in the box. Then submit the application at the town, municipal or other designated point.